The Steampunk Chronicles are a series written by Kady Cross. This Wiki is an online storage facility for all the info you'll ever need about the books. Writing a fan-fiction about Emily and Jack? This is your one-stop 7Eleven. Having a book-report on "The Girl in the Steel Corset" due tomorrow, and still haven't read the book yet (I advise against crimes like that- these books are utterly amazing)? This is your undetectable-by-teacher cheat sheet. Trying to make the world a better place? Edit the pages in this Wiki to your heart's desire. Just don't screw up while editing, or else you just may find the Machinist screwing your head off in some dark and dusty alleyway. Come on chaps! Stop loitering around, and immerse yourselves in this

The Girl

wonderful, steampunk universe, where guys fight over girls like drunken madmen, and girls enjoy it. The kissing-with-both-guys part, anyway.

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